About Gallery 1904 Exhibits

GALLERY 1904 hosts exhibitions open to all, unless otherwise specified. 

Few exhibitions will have no themes and are left to the solo show of the artist or for special events. Most exhibitions explore a wide variety of themes: spirituality, contemporary family issues, environmental concerns, historical observations, political investigations, etc. with an emphasis on celebrating human diversity.  

All group exhibitions are curated by professional artists and non-artists. Submitting artists are challenged to translate topics into visual works of art, and a short artist statement is required and exhibited together with the selected work. This gives information to the audience, who in return can investigate and question their own belief systems.


By submitting artwork to Gallery 1904 exhibiting artists agree to allow reproduction of their slides, digital files and/or photographs taken of their art for educational, publicity, and archival purposes.

Images of select artworks will be chosen for marketing and publicity. Images of accepted artists in each exhibit are included on the GALLERY 1904 website.


Insurance & Shipping


Artist may self-insure the work that is on exhibit at 1904.

Shipping: All shipping and/or custom fees to and from 1904 are the responsibility of the artist.

Size & Weight Specifications: We usually do not accept artwork that exceeds 6’ horizontally or that is over 75 pounds in weight, unless delivered and picked up personally by the artist. .


Sales & Hang Ready Artwork

Sales:  At all times,works remain the property of the artist. Sold artworks shall remain in the exhibition until the end of the show. 

Tips on getting your work hang ready can be found in the video section or following the link below. 

GALLERY 1904 needs your  work to be   hang ready upon arrival.  It is expected that the artist drops off their work  prior to the opening night of the exhibit. 

helpful videos